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Producing high-quality food and beverages

It’s coming from Nova Scotia, it stands for something.

A temperate climate, affordable land, and an innovative community—the perfect ingredients for a thriving agri-food industry.

Nova Scotia has more than 3,000 farms, 2,000 businesses and approximately 12,000 jobs linked to agriculture and the agri-food and beverage industry. Our modern transportation infrastructure delivers our products quickly and efficiently to customers all over the world. For more information view our agri-food and beverage industry infographic.

Nova Scotia is home to the world's largest supplier of frozen wild blueberries, North America’s largest processor of frozen carrot products, and the largest supplier of OMEGA-3 EPA/DHA to the global food and beverage industry.

Industry Facts:

  • Nova Scotia has a diverse agricultural sector, with 2,258 agri-food and beverage production companies active in 2019.
  • Exports of agricultural products amount to $363 million in 2019.
  • Corn for grain and silage is the top crop and blueberries are the principal horticulture crop in terms of area in the province.
  • Nova Scotia produces over 50 million pounds of wild blueberries every year, contributing 25.5% of Canada’s total blueberry (high bush and wild) exports and 47.4% of Canada’s wild blueberries exports in 2019.
  • Nova Scotia businesses have access to superior, end-to-end supply chain solutions including processing, packaging, specialized storage and transportation, in addition to over 900 thousand acres of farmland and cutting-edge research facilities.

Nova Scotia Food & Beverage Export Directory

Are your products sold outside of Nova Scotia? Would you like the opportunity to have your company profiled in a new online export directory that showcases Nova Scotia’s agri-food and beverage quality products to a national and global audience?

Throughout the year, the Department of Agriculture, Nova Scotia Business Inc. along with federal, and international partners, are engaged in a number of national and international market development initiatives promoting Nova Scotia’s agri-food and beverage industry, and the sale of products in various target markets.

This directory is fundamental in supporting these marketing efforts and is used as an important reference tool, especially when we receive inquiries about specific products. Buyers interested in sourcing your products can search by company name, product category, certification and export destination.

If you are interested in being profiled in the agri-food & beverage export directory, please click on this link and complete the short online survey.


Climate Advantage

Almost completely surrounded by water, Nova Scotia enjoys a moderate climate and a growing season that can stretch well into November. The climate of Nova Scotia’s wine region in the Annapolis Valley “bears an uncanny affinity with the Champagne region in France,” according to one local winemaker whose traditional-method sparkling wines are garnering international accolades.

Research and investment

  • University, private research and teaching facilities
  • Agri-food incubation centres
  • Business acceleration centres
  • Entrepreneurs producing world-leading products


In Nova Scotia, the daily delivery of fresh and frozen products is made easy, thanks to excellent cold chain logistics, with fresh and frozen controlled-atmosphere storage, bulk shipping and convenient international access via air, water, rail, and road.

The Port of Halifax makes exporting your products even easier. As North America's largest deep-water, ice-free port, Halifax has the ability to handle the largest ships in use today.   

Industry Support

Nova Scotia's agri-business has strong support from industry organizations and government regulators in the production and marketing of food and beverages.

Some of our Nova Scotia brands:

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