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Turbo Blades

With strong logistics infrastructure, market access, and innovative opportunities, Nova Scotia offers incredible advantages for large-scale manufacturing.


Expertise lives here

  • Tesla Motors and Dalhousie University’s Canada Research Chair Dr. Jeff Dahn have an exclusive partnership developing lithium-ion batteries to 2020. This is the first partnership of its kind between Tesla and a Canadian university. 
  • Rolls Battery Engineering has successfully manufactured batteries in Nova Scotia for more than 60 years, indicating a stable workforce, strategic location, and favourable operating conditions.
  • Michelin North America Canada has been successfully manufacturing tires in Nova Scotia for nearly 50 years and often comment on the loyal and reliable workforce found here.

Heavy industrial manufacturing

Nova Scotia’s manufacturing infrastructure connectivity and logistics facilities make it the ideal choice for servicing Europe and North America. This is just one of the reasons industrial manufacturing products like tires and other industrial products such as plastics and metal fabrication are leading exports in Nova Scotia.

Strategic location

Nova Scotia’s strategic location between Europe and North America, infrastructure connectivity, logistics facilities, and competitive costs make it an ideal location for companies with high levels of exports.

Transportation & logistics advantages


    • Halifax is the closest North American container port to Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Suez Canal.
    • In Halifax, European cargo arrives two days faster than any other east coast port.
    • Efficient intermodal connections to key markets in Central Canada and the US Midwest have cargo arriving up to five days faster than other port gateways.
    • For more than 250 years, ports in Nova Scotia have been a cornerstone of economic activity for the city, the region, and the province.

    CN is recognized as a leader in the industry, offering competitive transportation solutions designed to meet the needs of customers from across North America and overseas.

    1,200 kilometres of primary highways link to 22,000 kilometres of secondary roads. With an ever-expanding four-lane highway system, Nova Scotia has direct road links to the rest of Canada and North America.


    • Halifax Stanfield International Airport is the largest airport in Atlantic Canada, with more than 3.5 million passengers, 87,000 flights and 29,263 metric tonnes of cargo in 2011.
    • The closest major mainland airport to Europe, Halifax Stanfield International Airport is just over five hours to London, two hours to New York and Toronto, and three hours to Chicago.
    • The airport’s 10,500 foot runway can accommodate the largest planes.


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