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Nova Scotia in Videos


With unbeatable access to talent, cost-effectiveness, and a strong business support network, professionals from around the world are realizing the Nova Scotia advantage. Gwen Heliou, Managing Director for Ubisoft Halifax and President of the Interactive Society of Nova Scotia, shares why the province is the perfect place to run a digital gaming studio and nurture new ideas.

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In Good Company


No matter what industry you’re in or where you live in the province, being in Nova Scotia means you’re always in good company. Global leaders in industries from professional services, to energy and manufacturing, are doing business with the world from Nova Scotia.

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Grow your Business


Across Canada and across the world, Nova Scotia companies are making waves in new markets, and it all starts right here. At Nova Scotia Business Inc., we can show you how to take your business from local to global as you become Nova Scotia’s next export success story.

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Nova Scotia Export Achievement Awards


Our exporters are always giving us new reasons to celebrate. From traditional exports like seafood, to new and innovative technologies, a growing number of Nova Scotia companies are competing, succeeding, and doing business with the world.

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Live, Work & Play in Nova Scotia


If it’s hard to imagine a place where you can go from the office to the ocean in minutes, where the culture is vibrant, the community is welcoming, and the quality of life is second to none, it’s time you experienced Nova Scotia.

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