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  • Software development company expanding, creating jobs

Software development company expanding, creating jobs

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Karma Gaming is creating jobs to support its growth in international markets.


Karma Gaming International, headquartered in Nova Scotia, is a software development company that creates next-generation mobile and web-based games, licensed to regulated lotteries worldwide.

All of its clients are outside Atlantic Canada and the company is focused on European growth.

"Europe is the most advanced and forward-thinking lottery market globally, with the highest rate of lotteries offering games online and in mobile channels," said Paul LeBlanc, CEO of Karma Gaming. "European lotteries understand that products must evolve to meet the expectations of the digital generation to be relevant.

"Karma offers cross-platform lottery games in the market globally, and we are heavily focused on the European market for our growth."

Nova Scotia Business Inc. has signed a five-year payroll rebate agreement to encourage the company to grow in Nova Scotia. Karma Gaming must create at least two full-time equivalent positions in the first year to earn a rebate on payroll for up to 36 new positions.

If Karma Gaming creates 36 new jobs over the five years, it would add more than $4.8 million in salaries to Nova Scotia's economy, and employees would pay provincial income tax of about $561,000. If the company creates those jobs, it can earn up to $381,000 in payroll rebates through NSBI's Strategic Investment Funds.

The company would be hiring developers, programmers, designers and digital artists.

"NSBI works with companies like Karma Gaming to help them grow to support export-focused product development," said Stephen Hilchey, NSBI director, gaming and interactive media.

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