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  • Small Business Development Program funding disclosures - 2015/16

Small Business Development Program funding disclosures - 2015/16

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Small Business Development Program provides financial incentives on projects that assist a business to grow current exports or participate in a global supply chain by providing access to necessary expertise.

The following businesses were authorized to receive funding through the Small Business Development Program in the 2015/16 fiscal year:

Company Name Amount Authorized   Industry Sector
Acadian Seaplants Ltd $15,000.00   Seafood
Alpha Chemical Ltd $12,000.00   Manufacturing
Amos Pewter $14,500.00   Manufacturing
Atlantic Prepaid $8,000.00   ICT
B4Checkin Limited $15,000.00   ICT
Beaumont Advisors Ltd $10,250.00   Professional Services
Bras d'Or Boatworks $8,000.00   Manufacturing
Cape Breton Fudge Co. $15,000.00   Agri-Food
Clean Simple Technologies Inc. $15,000.00   ICT
Clerisy Management Group Ltd $15,000.00   Film and Television
Clinical Logistics Inc. $1,500.00   Life Sciences
Credifax Atlantic Limited $13,750.00   Manufacturing
Dormie Workshop $2,625.00   Manufacturing
Encanex Enterprises Limited $14,000.00   Manufacturing
Geddes Furniture $4,000.00   Manufacturing
Green Power Labs $12,000.00   Clean Technology
Harriette Schumacher $2,510.00   Professional Services
Hoppy's Safety Hook Enterprise $15,000.00   Manufacturing
Jaza Energy Inc $11,968.00   Clean Technology
JusNova Agriculture Ltd $7,200.00   Agri-Food
Just Us! Coffee Roasters $5,802.50   Agri-Food
Larch Wood Ent Inc $10,180.00   Manufacturing
MRB Contracting Inc. $15,000.00   ICT Project
Muwin Estate Wines Ltd $7,500.00   Agri-Food
Nimbus Publishing Limited $15,000.00   Film and Television
North Nova Seafoods Ltd. $14,750.00   Seafood
Performance Quest leadership Ltd $6,716.88   Professional Services
Pleiades Robotics Inc $7,125.00   ICT
Sayle Group Inc $12,500.00   Professional Services
SkySquirrel Technologies Inc. $15,000.00   ICT
Site 2020 Inc. $15,000.00   ICT
St. Onge Skin Care $15,000.00   Life Sciences
United Trans Limited $14,400.00   Seafood
Woodmaster Tools of Canada $917.50   Manufacturing
Yomes Inc $15,000.00   ICT
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