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  • Prudential Consulting Inc Expands in Nova Scotia

Prudential Consulting Inc Expands in Nova Scotia

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prudential Consulting Inc. an Ontario-based medical transcription company, is expanding its business in Nova Scotia. The company plans to create up to 70 new jobs over the next five years.

The province, through Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), is supporting the company's expansion with a payroll rebate set at a maximum $590,400.It is an earned incentive tied to the company achieving hiring targets.

"Nova Scotians are looking for flexible and quality job opportunities," said Economic Development Minister, Angus MacIsaac. "Because of its unique operating model, PCI can draw talent from across the province, so Nova Scotians can live and work in their own communities."

Qualified medical transcriptionists will be able to log in through a remote, secure workstation network, so they can work from home via a high-speed internet connection.

Prudential Consulting Inc. has strict policies to ensure confidentiality. The company's equipment does not enable any storing of patient data and blocks open internet access.

Prudential Consulting Inc. provides health information management services for hospitals in Nova Scotia and across the country.

"I attended university in Nova Scotia, so I'm very excited to be expanding Prudential Consulting's business operations in this province, my second home," said CEO Vikram Khurana."Our home-based medical transcription service provides employment opportunities for people from the comfort of their homes, which is ideal in today's working environment."

The company's employees are trained to work with secure and anonymous patient information, transcribing dictation from doctors for an electronic file that becomes part of the patient's record.

Electronic documentation is part of the improvements taking place in the health-care system, so accurate patient files can move away from hard to access paper files.

"The health-care-services sector is growing rapidly," said Stephen Lund. "And while we recognize that these are turbulent times, PCI’s expansion is proof that Nova Scotia maintains its competitive edge-it’s our people and technology infrastructure."

Headquartered in Toronto, Prudential Consulting Inc. (PCI) is one of Canada's leading Software as a Service providers. From locations in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and India, PCI provides dictation, speech recognition, transcription and report distribution services that integrate with most health information systems. PCI also offers outsourced transcription, training and consultation services to its clients. Through its service offerings, PCI helps hospitals, clinics, physicians and healthcare organizations become more productive, thereby improving the quality of patient care. For more details, visit www.prudentialconsulting.com .

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is Nova Scotia's private-sector-led business development agency. NSBI is the investment attraction arm of the province and helps businesses in Nova Scotia meet growth potential through advisory services, trade development, financing and venture capital.


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