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  • Nova Scotia Unveils Pure Seafood Products at Seafood Expo Global

Nova Scotia Unveils Pure Seafood Products at Seafood Expo Global

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nova Scotia companies at Seafood Expo Global, Brussells

Nine seafood companies from Nova Scotia, Canada, specializing in premium fish and seafood products will share new harvests and explore business opportunities at the 2017 annual Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium.

"Nova Scotia’s exports to the European Union accounted for $204 million last year," said Laurel Broten, President and CEO, Nova Scotia Business Inc., the private-sector-led business development agency for the province. “Our fish harvesters and processors offer the highest quality fish and shellfish that is pulled responsibly and sustainably from the province's clean waters.”

With a second lobster processing location to be completed this year, Nautical Seafoods Ltd. will be attending Seafood Expo Global to expand their business into the European market. Known for a fresh and quality product, Nautical Seafood harvests Jonah crab and wild caught sea scallops from one the seven wonders of North America, The Bay of Fundy.

Sea Star Seafoods Ltd. will also be attending to sell and promote their salted and dried ground fish, along with a variety of stock fish, salted mackerel and smoked herring products. Sea Star Seafoods provides superior quality salt fish products by maintaining control in all aspects of seafood processing.

Fisher King Seafoods Ltd., Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Limited, IMO Foods, James L. Mood Fisheries Ltd., Breakers Fish Company Ltd., Gidney Fisheries Ltd. and Golden Alliance Canada Inc. will also attend to access new markets, seek new customers, and discover business opportunities.

Learn more about Nova Scotia's seafood sector and the companies exhibiting at Seafood Expo Global, or visit Nova Scotia Seafood at Booth 9-4089.

Fisher King Seafoods Ltd. will use the event to promote its line of products, including, lobster, crab, and scallops produced from sustainable resources to its growing business throughout Europe with the anticipated finalization of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), and to the strong contingent attending from Asia. "We utilize this event to both maintain our presence in the frozen seafood market, and explore new opportunities and connections," said John Andrews, Export Manager, Fisher King Seafoods Ltd. "The show provides the opportunity to learn from those participating in the primary resource industry, and our end user customers about trends and directions related to all frozen seafood items."

Sea Star Seafoods Ltd. will be attending with a variety of salted and dried ground fish. “We are proud to exhibit for a second year in Brussels. It will be exciting to explore the possibilities that CETA will bring and have these discussions with new and existing customers,” said Adlai Cunningham, President, Sea Star Seafoods Ltd.

Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Limited purchases their products from harvesters daily, offering fresh and premium products. “Our locally owned, harvester co-operative is positioning itself for the expected new markets in Europe that will occur due to the CETA agreement between Canada and the European Union. This is a tremendous opportunity for all Nova Scotia based seafood producers to increase Exports with direct benefits to our local economy,” said Osborne Burke, General Manager, Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Limited. The company is currently shipping their products around the world.

IMO Foods with the Atlantic Ocean at their doorstep, IMO Foods produces private label canned herring, sardines and mackerel using freshly caught fish. Their products are rich in Omega-3, and produced sustainably with locally sourced and quality product.

Nautical Seafoods Ltd. will be attending Seafood Expo Global to reach new customers who are seeking live product. With a focus on trade business in the European market, Nautical Seafoods takes full advantage of their geographic location. “We are able to offer our customers the benefit of a strategic location in the Lobster Fishing Area 35. Landings are delivered by our fisherman right to our plant door. We then use our own trucks for delivery to nearby airports or the Port of Halifax,” said Shawn Everett, President, Nautical Seafoods Ltd.

James L. Mood Fisheries Ltd. with a mission to broaden business relationships and venture into air freight with live lobster, James L. Mood Fisheries is looking for new partnerships in the European and Asian markets. A family owned and operated wholesale seafood business, James L. Mood Fisheries deals in multiple specials that keep business operational year-round.

Breakers Fish Company Ltd. with a strong relationship and integrity in the market, Breakers Fish Co. is holding to build on that presence and seek new long-term partners at Seafood Expo Global. Breakers Fish Co. has a combined 125 years of experience in the industry and specializes in fresh and frozen products around the world.

Gidney Fisheries Ltd. have been procuring, selecting, processing and delivering the finest quality lobsters since 1892. Lobsters are purchased from local fisherman, graded to meet the highest quality standards, processed in a technologically advanced storage facility and delivered through efficient logistics. Gidney Fisheries also offers fresh, frozen and salted ground fish, scallops, crabs, and dogfish.

Golden Alliance Canada Inc. is an all year-round supplier of premium frozen seafood company with solid market and expert product knowledge. Innovation and new product development have been part of Golden Alliance Canada Inc. since its inception. Their reputation has earned the trust of our industry in both Canada, China and other countries.

About Nova Scotia’s Seafood Industry:

  • In 2016, Nova Scotia's fish and seafood products were valued at $1.8 Billion
  • Nova Scotia is Canada's number one seafood exporter, accounting for more than 27% of the country's total national seafood exports
  • Nova Scotia is home to 4,000 registered fishing vessels and 5,400 commercial fishing license holders
  • 35% of Canada's shellfish exports come from Nova Scotia
  • The province offers new direct routes into other markets by air; allowing for fast delivery of live lobster products
  • Nova Scotia supplies ¾ of all scallops exported from Canada
  • Nova Scotia’s top exports to the European Union include: fresh lobster, cold water shrimps and prawns, frozen lobster and scallops
  • The top three countries in the EU that benefit from Nova Scotia’s pure seafood products include: Denmark, Belgium and the United Kingdom

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the private-sector-led business development agency of Nova Scotia, Canada. We attract global investment to create new jobs across the province and work with companies in all communities to be more successful exporters. Our clients benefit from our business advisory services, skill development and training, and support as they access global markets and succeed in the global economy.

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