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  • Nova Scotia studios bring their A-Game to GDC 2017

Nova Scotia studios bring their A-Game to GDC 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

Six studios from Nova Scotia, Canada, specializing in interactive media and game development, will share new original content and service capabilities at the 2017 annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California.

These studios are part of an Atlantic Canadian delegation funded by the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic Canadian provinces.

“The Game Developers Conference is a key industry event for developing business and export opportunities for Nova Scotia’s digital media and gaming companies,” said Laurel Broten, President and CEO Nova Scotia Business Inc., the business development agency for the province. “Studios are experiencing growth in our province because we have the right mix of post-secondary education, established multinational firms, and an active startup community that results in a well-connected global cluster.”

Alpha Dog Games will be promoting their newest creation, MonstroCity: Rampage! at GDC. Featured in the Best New Games section by Google and Apple, this wacky new strategy game features giant monsters pitted against player cities. This game will give players the experience of taking on the role of a mad scientist battling the evil Dr. Spotnik for world domination. MonstroCity is now available in most international markets including, Canada, United States and Europe.

REDspace will be returning to GDC once again following a wildly successful year producing games for large media and entertainment leaders. While there, they will be releasing the trailer for their new virtual reality sports game, Gunball. Gunball will be released this spring on Steam, and mimics a tennis game, with a twist. Gunball revels in the absurdity of its nature, and takes every opportunity to add some laughs to the gameplay experience.

Hard Chill Games, Ubique, Vesuvius Media Ltd and Xona Games will attend this event to pitch new content, and seek partnerships and distribution opportunities.

For more information on Nova Scotia, Canada’s digital media and animation sector, visit YourStudioHere.com, or speak with one of our knowledgeable companies attending GDC.

Learn more about Nova Scotia’s companies at GDC 2017:

REDspace has designed and developed hundreds of successful mobile, desktop and web games. “Our goal is simple, we use cutting edge technology to build groundbreaking, unforgettable gaming experiences that help our partners achieve unrivalled results,” said Wes Gould, CTO, REDspace. As a full-tier game studio, REDspace is an industry leader offering game production services on many platforms, using a variety of technologies.

Alpha Dog Games will be attending GDC to seek partners in Asia for their new game. Alpha Dog Games is a leading edge mobile games studio. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the award-winning studio is at the forefront of creating original strategy games for millions of players worldwide. With a commitment to quality, both in the games they create and in the team’s quality of life, Alpha Dog believes great teams shaped from a collaborative environment is the key to building hit games.

Xona Games is an award-winning indie game studio with specialization in Xbox and PlayStation games. Xona Games creates arcade-style intense retro games, and are known for their three number one titles in Japan on Xbox 360. Seeking marketing, publishing and distribution, Xona Games will preview their new release, Score Rush Extended.

Vesuvius Media is sending its team to GDC to market their cross-media IP development service. The service includes the transformation of an online game into a mobile game, a board game and even a graphic novel. “We have successfully developed our own IP in this way, and have sold this service to several studios looking to leverage their resources and expand their portfolios,” said Stefani Angelopoulos, Vesuvius Media. “The service we offer is unique and extremely attractive to businesses as it enables them to branch into new markets and cross-promote with products they already have at a low cost.”

Hard Chill Games is an indie video game developer creating its own unique IP. With a focus on adrenalizing experiences, imaginative visions, innovative game mechanics, and thought-provoking narrative, Hard Chill Games will be attending GDC with their new demo Trance Blast Master: Deep Loop LP. “Trance Blast Master: Deep Loop LP is the first game in a multi-title series that questions whether intelligence can transcend physical form,” said Shaun Mahoney, Founder, Hard Chill Games.

Ubique Networks Inc. is an innovative company developing intelligent software-defined networking technologies to optimize latency. Ubique will be attending GDC to seek partnerships with indie game developers looking to host and distribute games through their portal. Ubique is also known for their creation of the eSports industry’s only complete platform to deliver the ultimate lagless gaming experience, Swarmio.

Nova Scotia Digital Media Quick Facts:

  • Nova Scotia has one of the highest digital media tax credits - offering up to 48% on labour
  • Nova Scotia has the highest number of ICT related graduates in Canada per-capita from industry-recognized degrees related to digital media
  • Nova Scotia is one of the lowest cost jurisdictions in North America for game development
  • Nova Scotia has an accelerated immigration process through two new programs, the Skilled Worker Visa Stream and Express Entry


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