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  • Nova Scotia, Canada's seafood companies cast a wide net at Seafood Expo North America

Nova Scotia, Canada's seafood companies cast a wide net at Seafood Expo North America

Friday, March 4, 2016

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Nova Scotia seafood companies head to Boston, MA for the largest seafood trade exposition in North America from March 6-8, 2016.

Seafood Expo North America attracts over 1000 exhibiting companies from more than 40 countries supplying and buying fresh, frozen, packaged and value-added seafood products, equipment, and services. The international expo is the largest of its kind in North America.

“Canadian seafood leads the world in safety, quality and deliciousness, and Nova Scotia is Canada’s top fish and seafood producer. The best seafood comes from Nova Scotia’s clean, cold waters,” said Laurel Broten, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc., the business development agency of Nova Scotia, Canada. “We’re proud of our fishing industry and its commitment to innovative harvesting, sustainability, and continuous product diversification, which Nova Scotia companies will showcase at Seafood Expo North America.”

Quick Facts:

  • Nova Scotia is Canada’s largest exporter of fish and seafood ($1.67 billion in 2015)
  • Shellfish currently dominates exported values in Nova Scotia with lobster (53%), snow crab (11%), scallop (11%) and shrimp (8%) representing 85% of export values in 2015
  • In 2015, Nova Scotia exported $843.8 million worth of lobster, 50% of Canada’s total lobster exports
  • Seafood processing is a dominant sector, accounting for 78% of food manufacturing and 25% of total manufacturing revenues
  • Nova Scotia is home to more than 3,000 fishing operations
  • 360 food-manufacturing establishments (including 305 in seafood processing)
  • The value of seafood manufacturing shipments was $794 million in 2015

For more information on Nova Scotia, Canada’s seafood industry, visit the Nova Scotia Seafood Pavilion (Booth # 1333) at SENA 2016, or go to novascotiabusiness.com/seafood

Exhibiting companies at the Nova Scotia, Canada pavilion include:

Bluenose Seafood Inc. – is looking forward to reconnecting with existing customers and having the opportunity to connect with new ones. Since last year’s SENA, Bluenose Seafood Inc. has made an exciting addition to its team with the purchase of Sambro Fisheries. Sambro has been in the seafood business for over 100 years and is known to be a leader in the offloading of halibut, swordfish and lobster. “We are excited for the new opportunities that this added supply will provide,” says Ian Dempsey of Bluenose Seafood Inc. 

Clearwater Seafoods – continues to be recognized globally for superior quality, food safety and diversity of premium wild-caught seafood. “We’re excited to introduce an expanded product portfolio during this year’s Seafood Expo North America,” says Rob O’Sullivan, VP Sales America at Clearwater Seafoods. SENA is a great opportunity for Clearwater to showcase Norway Lobster, a key product offering from its recently acquired company, Macduff Shellfish, along with its Canadian Coldwater Shrimp and Split Lobster.

Fisher King Seafoods Ltd. – will use the event to promote its line of products such as lobster, crab and scallops produced from sustainable resources to its quickly growing business throughout North America and other key markets in Asia and Europe. "We utilize this event to both maintain our presence in the frozen seafood market and explore new opportunities and connections. The show provides the opportunity to learn from those participating in the primary resource industry and our end user customers about trends and directions related to all frozen seafood items. Specifically, we look to connect with buyers representing food service, restaurant, casino chains and retail grocery and supermarket chains,” says John Andrews, Export Manager at Fisher King Seafoods Ltd.

Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd. – is looking forward to making its way back to Boston for the 10th year in a row! The company looks forward to catching up with existing clients and making new connections. “We will be showcasing our line of high-quality seafood products, many of which are MSC and BRC certified,” says Jan Voutier, Manager of Ka’le Bay Seafoods, subsidiary of Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd., “these products will include our Snow Crab and our award-winning North Atlantic shrimp, recently given two-stars by the International Taste and Quality Institute.”

Sea Star Seafoods Ltd. – is the largest processor and exporter of salted fish in Nova Scotia and has a range of over 200 products. “Popular in the Portuguese, Italian, West Indie and Caribbean communities throughout North America, our goal for SENA is to connect face-to-face with existing customers and to build new relationships with suppliers. We are excited for people to stop by and see our vacuum-packed mackerel fillets.”  Kerry Cunningham, Sea Star Seafoods Ltd.

St. Mary’s River Smokehouses – will be showing their complete line of cold and hot smoked Atlantic Salmon, including candied salmon formats. “We are excited to try to utilize favourable exchange rates coupled with our tradition of innovation and product excellence to help secure some new US and international customers in both foodservice and retail segments,” says Alan Archibald, President and CEO of Lochiel Enterprises Ltd., parent company of St. Mary’s.

Top Claw Lobster & Seafood Co. – provides the highest quality of live lobster available in Atlantic Canada. They have three modern state of the art holding facilities strategically located off the coast of the cold crisp Atlantic Ocean, in Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia.  

United Trans Ltd. – “A sea cucumber a day keeps the doctor away!” says Sam Gao of United Trans Ltd. The company is a proud Canadian seafood supplier specializing in processing wild Canadian sea cucumber, also knows as “the Ginseng of the sea.” With an annual capacity of 2-million pounds, United Trans Ltd.’s goal for this year’s SENA is to connect with buyers for supermarkets, hotels, pharmacies and more to allow people in new markets the chance to enjoy wild Canadian sea cucumber from the clean and cold Atlantic Ocean. 

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