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  • Global tech corporation chooses Nova Scotia for expansion

Global tech corporation chooses Nova Scotia for expansion

Thursday, July 16, 2015


IGATE Corporation, an integrated technology and operations-based solutions provider, based in New Jersey, has chosen Nova Scotia for its Canadian expansion plans.

IGATE's client base is global in scope and spans across a number of industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, retail and consumer products, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, and product and engineering solutions.

"We chose Nova Scotia in large part because of its experienced workforce, and the many new graduates from the area's universities and colleges," said Nina Babirad, Vice President of Operations, IGATE. "We're growing our Nova Scotia workforce with a mix of people, including those with good analytical skills, people with financial services backgrounds, and fresh talent."

IGATE currently has an office in Dartmouth and is planning to further expand its operations. Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) worked with IGATE to make the expansion happen in Nova Scotia.

The corporation has signed a five-year payroll rebate incentive agreement with NSBI to create 300 jobs in Nova Scotia. Over five years, IGATE would spend $44.29 million in salaries if the company creates 300 jobs. Those new employees would pay provincial, personal income taxes of about $4.55 million.

If the company creates 300 jobs over five years, it is eligible to earn up to $3,422,800 in payroll rebates from NSBI.

If the company creates fewer than 300 jobs, it would be eligible for a smaller rebate based on the number of jobs it has created.
"IGATE is a leading, international company that recognized the strategic advantages of exporting their services from Nova Scotia," said Laurel Broten, CEO and President of NSBI. "NSBI worked with IGATE to identify Nova Scotia as the right jurisdiction for investment and growth."

IGATE is creating a range of new jobs, and has been actively recruiting to staff the new operations centre.

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