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  • Export Growth Program funding disclosures - 2015/16

Export Growth Program funding disclosures - 2015/16

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Export Growth Program supports businesses looking to increase their export sales outside of Nova Scotia. The program provides financial incentives for projects that assist a business' ability to overcome barriers to export growth.

The following businesses were authorized to receive funding through the Export Growth Program in the 2015/16 fiscal year:

Company Name Amount Authorized   Industry Sector
180 Moda Ltd. $9,000.00   Other
4Deep Inwater Imaging $5,000.00   Oceans
A.C. Dispensing Equipment $18,400.00   Manufacturing
Acadia Management Group $5,000.00   ICT
Acadian Seaplants $35,000.00   Life Sciences
AdLyft (Nova Scotia) Inc. $3,240.00   ICT
Advanced Glazings Ltd. $5,000.00   Advanced Manufacturing
Allsawter Marine Consultants $3,495.00   Ocean Tech
Artburn Inc. $5,000.00   Creative Industries
Athletigen $4,750.00   ICT
Atlantic Youth Consulting, Inc. $2,250.00   Professional Services
Azorus Inc. $5,000.00   ICT
B4Checkin $15,000.00   ICT
Backman Vid-Comm Ltd. $5,750.00   ICT
Basic Spirit Inc. $5,000.00   Creative Industries
Beaumont Advisors Limited $11,475.00   Finance
Benjamin Bridge $20,000.00   Agri-food
BlueLight Analytics Inc. $15,000.00   Business Services
Breton SmarTek $5,000.00   ICT
Buds Entertainment Inc. $10,000.00   Creative Industries
Burnt out Solutions $5,000.00   Manufacturing
Caldera Distilling Inc. $10,000.00   Agri-food
Cape Breton Fudge Co. $2,767.50   Agri-food
CarbonCure Technologies Inc. $15,000.00   Advanced Manufacturing
Cartoon Conrad Productions Inc. $3,775.00   ICT
CBCL Limited $17,438.00   Professional Services
Cedar Bay Grilling Company Ltd. $5,000.00   Agri-food
Classic Frozen Foods Limited $6,375.00   Agri-food and Seafood
Clean Simple Inc. $5,000.00   ICT
Cleanearth Technologies Inc. $12,475.00   Business Services
Clerisy Entertainment $8,236.38   Creative Industries
Clinical Logistics $5,000.00   Life Sciences
CloudKettle Inc. $2,856.00   ICT
Compusult Ltd. $5,000.00   ICT
Covey Island Boatworks $2,827.50   Boat Building
Credifax Atlantic Limited $5,000.00   Professional Services
Current Studios Inc. $3,200.00   Creative Industries
Dadavan Systems Inc. $3,000.00   ICT
Dash Hudson $23,000.00   ICT
Deep Vision Inc. $2,175.00   Aerospace & Defence
Densitas Inc. $3,800.00   ICT
Dormie Golf Workshop $5,000.00   Manufacturing
Dura-Tech Industrial & Marine $5,000.00   Manufacturing
EfficiencyOne Services $5,000.00   Energy
Eleanor Beaton &Company Communications $5,000.00   Business Services
EMO Marine Technologies Ltd. $5,000.00   Ocean Tech
Eye Catch Signs Ltd $5,000.00   Manufacturing
eyecandy SIGNS INC. $5,000.00   Manufacturing
FANFIT Challenge Inc. $2,734.50   ICT
Fisher King Seafoods Ltd. $1,825.00   Agri-food and Seafood
Fit First Holdings Inc. $10,975.00   ICT
Focal Research Consultants Limited $5,000.00   ICT
Focal Technologies Corporation $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
Fossil Power Systems Inc. $5,000.00   Manufacturing
Fourth Monkey Media $11,000.00   ICT
Freshify inc. $12,000.00   Other
G.E. Collins and Sons $18,750.00   Agri-food
Galloping Cows Fine Foods $3,950.00   Agri-food and Seafood
Geoforce Group Limited $13,100.00   Ocean Tech
GeoSpectrum Technologies $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
GN Thermoforming Equipment $5,000.00   Manufacturing
GPSC Yachts Inc. $8,350.00   Other
Grand Pre Wines Ltd. $3,887.50   Agri-food
Grassfire Films Inc. $1,850.00   Creative Industries
Halifax BioMedical Inc. $35,000.00   Life Sciences
Halifax Seed Company Inc. $3,750.00   Agriculture
HarvestHand New Media Communities Inc. $3,622.71   ICT
Hawboldt Industries $5,000.00   Advanced Manufacturing/OT
Health QR Inc. $2,025.00   ICT
Huminah Huminah Animation Limited $2,112.50   ICT
JouBeh Technologies Inc. $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
JusNova Agriculture Ltd. $26,675.00   Agri-food
K-9 Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc. $6,350.00   Life Sciences
Larch Wood Enterprises Inc. $5,000.00   Advanced Manufacturing
LearnCorp International Limited $4,050.00   Professional Services
LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. $5,000.00   Manufacturing
LED-SGS Solutions $4,225.00   Manufacturing
Lengkeek Vessel Engineering Inc. $2,650.97   Ocean Tech
Little Tiny Records Inc. $5,000.00   Creative Industries
Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd. $20,000.00   Fisheries $ Aquaculture
MacGregors Industrial Group $2,249.30   Manufacturing
Made with Local $637.50   Agri-food
Magic Rock Productions $5,000.00   Creative Industries
MagicLamp Software $5,000.00   ICT
Marcato Digital Solutions Inc. $5,000.00   ICT
Mdina Enterprise Ltd. $35,000.00   ICT
Media Mechanics Inc. $7,700.00   ICT
Membertou Trade & Convention Centre $5,000.00   Other
Mersey Consulting Ltd. $1,950.00   Ocean Tech
Metamaterial Technologies Inc. $5,000.00   Aerospace & Defence
MetOceans Data Systems Ltd. $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
MilAero Electronics Atlantic Inc. $2,500.00   Aerospace & Defence
MindSea Development Inc. $5,000.00   ICT
Modest Tree $5,000.00   Other
Muwin Estate Wines Ltd. $5,000.00   Agriculture
Natural Hues Inc. $3,100.00   Agri-food
Nautel Ltd. $20,000.00   Manufacturing
Nicom IT Solutions $5,000.00   ICT
Nimbus Publishing Limited $5,000.00   Creative Industries
NNS Organics Limited $3,310.00   Agri-food
Norex.ca Ltd. $15,000.00   ICT
North Nova Seafoods $15,000.00   Agri-food
Northern Business Intelligence $5,000.00   ICT
Nova Agri Inc. $2,300.00   Agri-food
Novacan Live Seafood Ltd. $8,600.00   Fisheries $ Aquaculture
Novonix Battery Testing Services Inc. $4,260.00   Manufacturing
Ocean Entertainment Limited $5,000.00   Creative Industries
Ocean Pride Fisheries $5,000.00   Fisheries and Aquaculture
Ocean Sonics Ltd. $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
Partner International Inc. $5,000.00   Professional Services
PepperHead Inc. $5,581.25   Agri-food
Picture Plant Limited $5,000.00   Creative Industries
PitchPerfect Software $5,000.00   ICT
Prism Tradeshow Procducts $24,250.00   Manufacturing
Punk Science Studios Inc. $17,559.32   ICT
QRA Consulting $12,910.00   ICT
REDspace Inc. $5,000.00   ICT
Rosborough Boats $3,900.00   Oceans Tech
Satlantic LP $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
Scout & Burrow Inc. $2,400.00   Professional Services
Social Navigator Inc. $5,000.00   ICT
Solar Global Solutions Ltd. $6,500.00   Advanced Manufacturing
Solid State Pharma $5,000.00   Life Sciences
SolutionInc $3,650.00   ICT
Sonic Records Ltd. $5,250.00   Creative Industries
SportsDirect Inc. $4,700.00   ICT
Spring Loaded Technologies $5,000.00   Life Sciences
Stantec Consulting Ltd. $5,000.00   Professional Services
Stark International Inc. $5,000.00   Professional Services
Strongest Families Institute $5,000.00   Professional Services
Studio 21 Fine Art Inc. $4,100.00   Creative Industries
Success Through Trust $7,500.00   Professional Services
Surrette Battery Company Limited $5,000.00   Manufacturing
Survival Systems Limited $5,000.00   Aerospace & Defence
Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd. $12,250.00   Agri-food
Swaine Street Woodworking $3,402.00   Creative Industries
The 7 Virtues Beauty $22,500.00   Other
TMG Entertainment $14,700.00   Creative Industries
Tony's Meats Ltd. $8,600.00   Agri-food
Torusoft IT Consulting & Development Ltd. $1,750.00   ICT
Trailer Park Productions Limited $3,150.00   Creative Industries
Turbulent Research Incorporated $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
United Trans Ltd. $20,500.00   Fisheries and Aquaculture
Vemco $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
Vesuvius Media Ltd. $2,206.47   ICT
Victoria Co-Operative Fisheries Ltd. $2,484.50   Agri-food and Seafood
Wearwell Garments $5,000.00   Advanced Manufacturing
Xeos Technologies Inc. $5,000.00   Oceans Tech
Yomes Inc. $4,850.00   ICT
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