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  • Export Development Program Funding Disclosures - 2021/22

Export Development Program Funding Disclosures - 2021/22

Friday, September 9, 2022

The Export Development Program (EDP) was developed to support businesses looking to: increase their sales outside of Nova Scotia; improve their competitiveness; and positively impact the Nova Scotia economy.

The Program provides financial incentives for projects that assist a business’ ability to overcome barriers to export growth. Examples of such projects include initiatives such as: support of travel to market; mitigating traditional trade show/conference costs; mitigating virtual trade show/conference costs; hiring of a consultant/service provider; and purchasing of software and software platforms.

EDP is divided into three streams based on types of funding – the parameters of the streaming systems are described on the EDP page on our website.

The following businesses were authorized to receive funding through the Export Development Program divided by Stream 1, 2, and 3:

Export Development Program (Stream 1)
Travel and trade missions
Export Development Program (Stream 2)
Hire a consultant or service provider
Export Development Program (Stream 3)
Digital adoption
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