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  • Cybersecurity company opens global active response centre

Cybersecurity company opens global active response centre

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


GoSecure Inc., headquartered in Montreal, has chosen Dartmouth for its first global active response centre.

GoSecure Inc. specializes in sound risk management related to information systems by providing highly specialized security services and co-management of information technology security infrastructure.
This location will provide support to a new cybersecurity platform that protects clients' networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Our services will provide a new high measure of security to clients globally and will help put Nova Scotia on the map as a cybersecurity hub," said Travis Barlow, vice-president of advanced security services with the company. "Nova Scotia's highly educated workforce lends itself well to supplying the talent required for an endeavor such as this."

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) has signed a five-year payroll rebate agreement with GoSecure Atlantic Inc. to encourage the growth in Nova Scotia. GoSecure Atlantic Inc. must create at least five full-time equivalent positions in the first year to earn a rebate on payroll for up to 100 new positions.

If GoSecure Atlantic creates 100 new jobs over the five years, it would add more than $19 million in salaries to Nova Scotia's economy, and employees would pay provincial income tax of about $2 million. If the company creates those jobs, it can earn up to $1,521,000 in payroll rebates through NSBI's Strategic Investment Fund.

The company is hiring security specialists and will be training new graduates.
"Nova Scotia has the skilled talent and graduates coming from programs such as Dalhousie University's specialization in communications and cybersecurity which support companies in this sector who are considering global expansion," said Gerald Lawson, NSBI director of information and communication technology.

GoSecure joins a growing cluster of international cybersecurity software companies in Nova Scotia.

To learn more about GoSecure Atlantic Inc. visit www.gosecure.ca

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