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Health & Wellness

Health Care

Canada has been rated one of the best places to live because of its health care program. All residents of Canada have access to medical care. This is based on their need and regardless of their ability to pay.

In Canada, health care is publicly funded by both the federal and provincial governments. Nova Scotia’s Medical Services Insurance (MSI) is the provincial plan. It pays for the cost of:

  • Medically required doctors’ services

  • Some dental and optometric services

  • Doctor referred specialist visits

  • Certain hospital in-patient and out-patient services

Many employers offer their employees additional health care coverage to help cover the costs of prescriptions and other health services (e.g., physiotherapy).

You can also apply for private health care insurance on your own.

Apply for a Health Card

You will need a Nova Scotia Health Card to get free medical and hospital services in Nova Scotia. You must show your health card whenever you see a doctor or go to the hospital. To apply for a health card visit the Government of Nova Scotia website.

Doctors and Hospitals

There are resources available if you are seeking a doctor or the location of nearby medical facilities:

Find a Family DoctorHospitals & Clinics

Emergency Services

911 is an emergency-only contact number that can be dialed anywhere in Nova Scotia. Wherever the call is made, you will be connected to the nearest emergency service provider.

Ambulance services are available throughout Nova Scotia, for both emergencies and patient transfers. Both types require a fee.

Additional Health Services

211: Community and Social Services

211 is a service offered in Nova Scotia to help residents find community and social services. By dialing 211 on your phone or visiting the 211 website, users are connected to the community and social services they need, wherever they are in the province. 211 offers interpretation services for more than 100 languages.

811: Non-Emergency Health Information

When you dial 811 on your phone, a registered nurse can answer your health questions. 811 can support callers in more than 120 languages. More information can be found on the 811 website.

Farm and Ocean to Table

Nova Scotia is a foodie's natural environment with the highest number of farmers’ markets per capita in Canada. With so much coastline, Nova Scotia is one of the world’s best sources of fresh seafood, including scallops, lobster, oysters, mussels and more.

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