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History & Heritage

Rich and Diverse

Nova Scotia is steeped in a rich and diverse history, and is the native home to the Mi’kmaq people of Eastern Canada.

There are many National Historic Sites spread out across the province, highlighting the diverse and complex path that Nova Scotia took to becoming what it is today - including one in Port Royal, where the first European settlement in Canada was established in 1605.

Prior to the first settlement in Port Royal, John Cabot made landfall in Nova Scotia in 1497, and it is speculated that Norse explorers may have even vistied the area before that. There were a number of battles between the French and British, as they both tried to claim Nova Scotia as part of their territory in the new world. Halifax was established as the capital of Nova Scotia in 1749 by the British, which preceeded the Seven Years War — the ultimate decider of British rule in Nova Scotia.

The colony of Nova Scotia was one of the first four provinces to join Canada on July 1, 1867.