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Explore New Markets

Looking to grow your business across Canada or internationally? NSBI’s trade missions are a cost effective way to explore new opportunities, find new customers and partners, or attract investment and capital.

For a nominal fee, we take you into a market and provide you with an itinerary including:

  • in-market matchmaking; 
  • dedicated booth space at the trade show;
  • individual support by an NSBI export development executive; 
  • ground transportation to and from sales calls;
  • networking opportunities.

Trade mission benefits

By joining an NSBI trade mission, your company could benefit in one or more of the following ways:

  • learning about or accessing a new market;
  • gaining an understanding of your company’s opportunities abroad;
  • assessing your competition;
  • introducing new products or services;
  • identifying new innovations or technology to improve your product/production process;
  • identifying a possible broker, distributor, agent, shipper or freight forwarder;
  • new sales;
  • identifying new investors into your company;
  • identifying new investment opportunities abroad. 

NSBI has export development executives with expertise in different sectors and regions of the world. Contact our team of export experts.

See our Trade Calendar for a list of upcoming trade missions. 

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