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E-commerce Masterclasses

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Want to grow your sales through E-commerce?

The E-commerce Masterclass Program is a project of the Nova Scotia Association of Community Business Development Corporations and supported by the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic Provinces through the Atlantic Trade, Investment, and Growth Agreement. We're pleased to partner with Learnsphere and Second Spring Digital for the delivery of the E-commerce Masterclass Program, designed to help you accelerate your company’s global e-commerce launch.

Through 8 engaging online group workshops, you will create an E-commerce roadmap that lays out a clear plan for immediate action and long-term success.

Program Details

All live group workshops will be held using Zoom. The program is 4-weeks long, starting the week of February 1, 2021, ending the week of February 22, 2021. Participants take part in two, 90-minute workshops per week, one on Mondays, and one on Wednesdays.

Deadline to apply is January 22, 2021

Participation fee is $500 + HST


Open to Atlantic Canadian companies that:

  • Possess a fully-developed, exportable product and/or service that can be sold via digital channels into the international market;
  • Are an experienced exporter seeking to create or expand their international export footprint through digital sales channels;
  • Has annual sales growth;
  • Have senior management commitment to execute on the e-commerce roadmap developed which may include engaging internal and external sales and marketing support, if required, to lead implementation;
  • Have given consideration to their expected outcomes for e-commerce including anticipated sales growth.

Program Schedule

Kickoff: Learn how to make the most of your investment in the program to get your desired results.

Workshop 1: Commit and Plan

  • Steps you can take to map out your e-commerce project at a high level and feel ready to commit to e-commerce
  • Walk through items required to craft a detailed plan for your e-commerce project and review key decisions that need to be made
  • Introduce The Project Composer™ tool
  • Introduce a tool that provides a detailed e-commerce plan outline

Workshop 2: Attract #1

  • Overview of key elements to attracting new customers to your online store
  • Focus on defining personas and who you want to be selling to
  • Introduce The Persona Builder™ tool

Workshop 3: Attract #2

  • Focus on defining keywords you want to be known for and how to get found online
  • Introduce The Keyword Planner™ tool

Workshop 4: Sell

  • Learn about the different ways to sell via e-commerce and learn what platform or marketplace may be best for you
  • Introduce tool to help determine if you should focus on an e-commerce platform or marketplace

Workshop 5: Deliver

  • Understand the different methods to deliver products to your customers
  • Learn how to select the products to start selling online
  • Introduce product selection, costing, and pricing tool

Workshop 6: Satisfy

  • Assess how ready you are to satisfy your online customers
  • Introduce The Customer Journey Gap Tool™

Workshop 7: Grow

  • Learn about the different ways to grow your online store and how to allocate resources as you move forward
  • Introduce The Testimonial Builder™ tool

Workshop 8: Launch, Run, and Build Momentum

  • Finalize the e-commerce plan based on learnings throughout the course
  • Introduce The Digital Growth Planner Canvas™ tool to use as a visual summary of the plan

Wrap-up: Share, network, and learn from experts in the sector that can aid in the implementation of your roadmap and ensure success in e-commerce.

About the Facilitators

LearnSphere helps businesses and organizations reach their full potential through the design and delivery of comprehensive, bilingual, evidence-based learning and development solutions.

Experts in E-commerce, the team at Second Spring Digital brings over 20 years of experience in helping companies get results with technology. Through engaging content, easily applicable tools, and customized coaching support they aim to help SMEs grow their digital capabilities, to create new, game-changing opportunities without falling into the common traps that prevent making rapid progress.

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