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Hutchinson Maple Products

Hutchinson Maple Products

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Brand Names:
Hutchinson’s Maple Syrup, Pure Maple Infusions

Company Description

We are Hutchinson Maple Products, Nova Scotia’s largest producer of organic maple syrup. Our farm has been in operation for 13 years and we currently have over 60,000 taps producing more than 75,000 litres of maple syrup annually. In 2017 we were awarded with the prestigious Exporter of the Year award through Nova Scotia Business Inc.

We currently have two lines of organic maple syrup products. One is our regular maple syrup branded as Hutchinson’s Maple Syrup. In this line we carry various sizes ranging from a 50 ml glass to a 2 litre plastic jug. Our other product is a gourmet line branded as Pure Maple Infusions. Available in five flavours it is designed to expand the uses of traditional maple syrup beyond the breakfast table. We take real, organic ingredients and infuse their flavour into pure Canadian maple syrup from our farm, creating a taste you can enjoy at anytime and with any meal which ties in which our tag line, “Finally, maple syrup made for everything!”


3396 Aylesford Road
Aylesford, Nova Scotia
B0P 1C0