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Other ways to reach us: 1.800.260.6682 | 902.424.6650 | info@nsbi.ca
1800 Argyle Street, Suite 701 | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J3N8

Dr. Kombu Brewing Company

Brand Names:
Solas Kombucha

Company Description

Dr. Kombu Brewing Company manufactures non-alcoholic fermented beverages (kombucha). We grow and source product locally from Nova Scotia, including our own small farm’s fruit. We use brewery equipment for fermentation, production, and bottling, and distribute to more than 100 accounts in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

A part of our mission statement is to make the best tasting kombucha using fruits from our farm and natural ingredients so we can share our very local product far and wide. At our conception, we chose to take a grassroots path instead of investing in a large amount of marketing materials. We ventured out in our province and introduced people all over to kombucha, and continued to move into other provinces and explore the United States and United Kingdom.


7153 Highway 12
New Ross, Nova Scotia
B4P 2R1