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Spotlight on Malefic Films

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Malefic Films’ Michael Melski remembers being frightened as a child by Helen Creighton’s Bluenose Ghosts, so it’s no surprise that his latest film, The Child Remains, is a testament to Nova Scotia’s haunted history. “This movie has its roots in Nova Scotia’s creepy folklore,” says Melski, “the starkness of the forests and the December weather were excellent for setting the atmosphere of the movie.”

Filmed in Windsor and Elmsdale, The Child Remains is a vintage thriller in the tradition of The Changeling and Rosemary’s Baby. It was shot on a budget of $1 million, with a crew of 35, including Republic of Doyle’s Allan Hawco and Canadian Screen Award winner Suzanne Clément. The Child Remains completed principal photography in December 2015, and the film has an anticipated release date in 2017. Malefic Films Inc received funding from the Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund (NSFPIF) through NSBI. As a qualifying production, The Child Remains received a funding commitment of $291,397. With this funding, Malefic Films was able to secure an additional $700,000 in other funding, along with commitments from crews, producers and actors.

“I’m a Nova Scotia filmmaker. I choose to live here and film here, and I want to help build the creative economy here. Our contact at NSBI was very helpful. In the film industry, clarity is important, and she was knowledgeable about the nuances and important details of film budgets. NSBI’s funding and support helped us lock in commitments and get this film made,” says Melski.

The NSFPIF is available to producers who are filming in Nova Scotia and is payable for eligible Nova Scotia production costs. It allows producers to receive funding of 25% of eligible costs, up to a maximum of 32% of all spending in Nova Scotia, including labour, goods, and services.

Find out more about the NSFPIF here.

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