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  • Spotlight on The Halifax Explosion: 100 Years After

Spotlight on The Halifax Explosion: 100 Years After

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dr. Roger Marsters - Curator of Marine History at the Nova Scotia Museum. Curator, Halifax Explosion Exhibit. 

Documentary, The Halifax Explosion: 100 Years After will recount key events and compelling stories from of one of the largest disasters in Canadian history, that occurred almost 100 years ago.

We caught up with Director, Jennifer Adcock and Jennifer Comeau, Ocean Entertainment’s Director of Development to learn more about the production.

Tell us about this production
Jennifer Comeau: Using interviews and archival material, The Halifax Explosion: 100 Years After will share stories about survivors who were blinded or visually impaired in the December 6, 1917 disaster, and reveal how the injured were supported and cared for in the immediate aftermath. The project will also explore the significant contributions that were made in improving the lives of blind Canadians for generations to come. The Halifax Explosion: 100 Years After is being produced for Accessible Media Inc. and the anticipated air date will be on, or around December 6, 2017, which will mark 100 years since the historic disaster. The documentary is being produced with Integrated Described Video, meaning it was written to be accessible for an audience that is blind or has low-vision.

What can you share with us about the team you are working with on this production?
Jennifer Comeau: The Halifax Explosion: 100 Years After is produced by Ocean Entertainment Ltd., an award-winning, Halifax-based production company since 1994, which is owned by Johanna Eliot. Ocean Entertainment is a producer of lifestyle and factual series and documentaries, such as: To Catch a Killer, Did He Do It? The Candy Show, Family Renovation, Chef at Home, Chef Abroad, French Food at Home, Food Hunter, Shag Harbour UFO Incident, & Trapped.

Our team includes:
Johanna Eliot – Executive Producer
Jennifer Adcock – Director
Jennifer Comeau – Production Manager
Mark Hammond – Director of Photography
Simone Cupid – DV Producer

Dr. T.J (Jock) Murray- former Dean of Dalhousie Medical School, professor of medicine (neurology). 

What goes into filming a production like this?
Jennifer Adcock:
To produce a documentary like The Halifax Explosion, a tremendous amount of reading and research was needed to find the stories that we wanted to share. There was so much interesting material we discovered, with many fascinating stories, we felt compelled to read and share them all. The challenge was to keep our research on-point and focused, we as we knew we couldn’t cover everything pertaining to The Halifax Explosion in a one-hour documentary.

On a personal note- what is your favorite thing about this production?
Jennifer Adcock: Our favorite thing about this production is having the opportunity to share these stories and discoveries that could be new for many people. In our research and conversations, it continually fascinated us how little knowledge many people have about the explosion, across Canada, and even in Halifax - and it occurred here! This is a question we will explore in the documentary with some of the experts we interviewed.

Where can we learn more?
Jennifer Comeau: To learn more about the history of the Halifax Explosion, we would recommend a visit to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to view their exhibition about the Halifax Explosion. The museum has some special exhibits planned for the upcoming 100th anniversary. There are also several books written on the subject, but Janet F. Kitz’s Shattered City is certainly a great place to begin. Also, 100 Years 100 Stories is a collaboration between a number of libraries, museums and the public archives, where there are more stories, and information about exhibits and special events planned to commemorate the centennial of the Halifax Explosion.

To learn more about Ocean Entertainment Ltd., please visit our website.

The Halifax Explosion: 100 Years After is qualified to receive funding through the Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund. Learn more about filming in Nova Scotia and accessing the Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund.

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