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Spotlight on Clerisy

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ClerisyPhoto credit: Kate Inglis

Clerisy Management Group Ltd. (Clerisy), founded in 2008, is a film and television production company located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In just eight years the company has 15 films to its name and has just announced three more on the way. We caught up with Executive Producer and Director, Dale Stevens, to learn more about the upcoming productions.

How did Clerisy come to be?
Clerisy is the culmination of a career working in film for other people. I started out working in accounting for another company but soon discovered I liked working on the films themselves, and that I was pretty good at it. Eight years ago I started Clerisy so I could make the Nova Scotian productions that I felt were missing in the industry; I wanted to showcase the many amazing Nova Scotian stories out there that just aren’t receiving the recognition they deserve.

It started small, of course, with just me working in my basement office. But we expanded quickly to a space in Woodlawn and now Burnside where we’re getting close to 40 employees.

What kind of productions do you gravitate towards?
At Clerisy, we focus on documentaries that tell stories as only Nova Scotians can tell them. We’re interested in the underdogs – people who have a great story – but being from Nova Scotia, are less likely to have the chance to tell it. We’re giving them that chance.

We’ve done such a variety of shows, from Ghost Coast, which tells haunting tales from all around the province, to Love Food, a Nova Scotian cooking show now in its third season. We’ve done history lessons, showcased Nova Scotia tourism, and even tackled bullying and mental health. Our team comes up with amazing ideas and then we work hard to find the best people in Nova Scotia to produce them. 

What’s next for Clerisy?
We’re currently wrapping up production on the third season of Love Food and we’re really proud of this team. Seasons one and two are available online and on Eastlink TV. Season three will premiere in the fall.

 Photo credit: Kate Inglis

That Hack Show is another television series we’re working hard to finish up now. This one is really cool and timely in that the hosts will investigate many of those “hacks” you see on social media and tell you if they really work. They had a lot of fun shooting that one, so it should be informative and entertaining.

We also just wrapped Adopted, which looks at the stories of three Nova Scotian families who experienced adoption. And, of course, we have the three new shows that just received funding:

  • Ability, produced by Moms Productions Inc., aims to normalize disability through positive portrayals of four individuals living their lives and accomplishing their goals, just like everyone else.
  • My Way, produced by Dignity Productions Inc., is a one-hour documentary that provides a rare and frank first-person look at what it means to be forced to confront the fact that you are dying, and how it dictates the time you have left.
  • Talented, produced by Hack2 Productions Inc., is a documentary to show that childish thinking is imaginative, creative, hopeful and above all else limitless.

What does Nova Scotia offer your industry?
We really and truly have everything we need to make world-class films right here in Nova Scotia. Every single person that works on a Clerisy production lives and works here. We don’t fly them in and we don’t send work out. It’s 100% Nova Scotian work when you watch our productions.

To learn more about Clerisy, find them on TwitterInstagram, visit their Facebook page and check out their Vimeo channel.

Clerisy Entertainment is qualified to receive funding through the Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund. To learn more about filming in Nova Scotia and accessing the Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund please visit NSBI.ca/filmapplication

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