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  • Nova Scotia Business Inc. proud to sponsor Maritime Made on Eastlink TV

Nova Scotia Business Inc. proud to sponsor Maritime Made on Eastlink TV

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Eastlink TV production celebrates great manufacturing happening in the communities where we live.

On January 26th, 2015, Maritime Made aired its first episode. This East Coast TV show takes an inside look at some of the region’s many manufacturers and follows the production of things being made right here at home. NSBI is proud to join Eastlink in celebrating some of the great manufacturing activity happening in our region.

“As a company rooted in the Maritimes, Eastlink TV shares compelling, positive news stories, amateur sports at all levels, and exciting local events from communities across the Maritimes, and we’ve been doing it proudly for over 35 years. The latest addition to our programming, “Maritime Made” celebrates successes that are happening every day in the communities we serve,” said Michael Smith, Vice President of Eastlink TV. Tune in to take a tour of both large and small manufacturers and follow the production process of everything from goat’s cheese to carpets.

Season 2 of Maritime Made runs 9:30pm AST on Thursdays until March 3, 2016, Channel 610, HD. All episodes will be available OnDemand.

Here’s the weekly lineup. Tune-in:

Episode 1.  Original Air Date: Thursday, January 28

Episode 2.  Original Air Date: Saturday, February 6

Episode 3.  Original Air Date: Thursday, February 11th

Episode 4.  Original Air Date: Thursday, February 18t

  • IMO Foods
  • Smile House Dental
  • Prestige Kitchens​​

Episode 5. Original Air Date: Thursday, February 25th

  • Anne's Chocolate
  • Nu Air
  • Steady Brook

Episode 6.  Original Air Date: Thursday, March 3rd

  • Cows Ice Cream
  • Cherubini Metal Works
  • Tony's Meats

According to KPMG’s 2014 Competitive Alternatives, Halifax ranks 12 among 107 global cities featured in the survey, for lowest overall costs in the manufacturing industry.